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About Us
Tatos Pre-Mix Concrete Limited was established on March 10, 2011 to manufacture premixed cast concrete and allied concrete based products to supply to the construction industry.

We are a dynamic and innovative company dealing in the manufacture and supply of Precast Concrete, Decorative Stamped Concrete, Re-enforced Concrete Pipes & Manhole Components, Concrete Rings, Concrete Kernstones and Luxurious Wallpaper.

The company is registered and incorporated in Zambia and has 90% Zambian employees.

If you are looking for any product or service in line with our business, it's good to know that at Tatos we provide outstanding customer care, outstanding delivery efficiency and outstanding quality in all our products and services.

Our production plant is located at plot 396A, Teagles Road, off Kafue road in Makeni, Lusaka. Feel free to visit us at any time during business hours.

In order to deliver high quality services and products, Tatos is investing in the best and efficient facilities, processes, and human capital.

Our line of products include:
- Premix Concrete
Only Tatos can provide you with best quality of premix concrete which is laboratory tested, quality controlled and the timely delivery.

In addition, you get fast application, concrete laying, power floating for floor shining.

If you are building an upstairs building, we can provide you with a concrete pump to speedup your pouring process and reduce manual work.
- Decorative Stamped Concrete
Stamped concrete is concrete that is patterned or textured or embossed to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, wood, and various other patterns and textures.

Stamped concrete can make a dramatic impression. From a cobblestone driveway to a stone patio, the look of textured concrete is not only realistic but also bears the permanent durability of concrete.

Stamped Concrete is also cost-effective over alternative materials such as pavers, or natural stone. Installation is quicker and the final product is long-lasting, can mimic natural materials in color and design, and is therefore, more economical.

Design flexibility is one of the biggest reasons for stamped concrete's popularity. It can be shaped, textured, and colored to achieve almost any look imaginable. It can complement various architectures, can provide traction on public walkways, and can blend with nature in all types of landscapes.
- Precast Concrete OGEE Pipes
In our production line we further manufacturer Pre-cast Concrete products for infrastructure, including Pipes, Culverts, Manholes, Rings and various other related products.

Our concrete pipes can be used both for underground and on surface application. They are specially manufactured to smoothly transmit liquids like sewer and rain water.

To give the pipe its maximum strength, we reinforce our pipes with steel iron bars. And the process of manufacture involves machine vibration technology.
- Manhole Components & Rings
Manholes allow easy access to underground piping, meters and facilities.

Tatos provides sealed manhole systems that can be built to specification to include a variety of important features. From complex jobs to simple solutions, our manholes are used in a variety of applications.

A wide range of precast manhole components are available for you to build up your particular choice of manhole system, whether deep or shallow. Advantages of using the Tatos manhole system include:

- Savings in cost of construction
- High quality (factory made) units
- Efficient installation, savings in time and labour
- No formwork required
- Heights can be easily changed without damaging segments.
- Kerbstones
Tatos Kerbs can be used to restrain the edges of roads and foot ways. You can use our Kerbs for all types of external surfaces, including concrete block and flag paving.

They mark the differentiation between road and foot way and can significantly improve the final appearance of a paving project, lending it that finished touch and enhancing the aesthetic.
- Luxury Wallpaper
When your walls need a little extra wall decor, ask for wallpaper samples from TATOS.

Wallpaper is the way to turn any room space into any scenic appearrance you've always wanted without using expensive paintings.

You can add the best styles, colors and personality to your walls.

Our wallpaper is the fastest, most affordable and beautiful way to update your living space. We have a wide range of designs & styles you can choose from.

Whatever you decide, TATOS Luxury Wallpaper is the way to go. We are here to help you achieve just that. We do FREE installation along with your purchase.
Our Core Values:
We recognize our responsibility and are committed to compassionately sharing our corporate and individual talents and gifts to build and care for our community.
We invest in the development of our people and processes so that we continue to be known as industry leaders in the innovation of new products, engineering solutions and sustainability through continuous improvement.
We offer our clients, employees and vendors a positive experience where our commitment to excellence is clearly visible in our safety, integrity, quality and accountability.
Mission Statement:
- Our Clients by consistently being the listener.
- Our Employees and their families by fostering an environment with company policies, that build character, strengthen individuals and nurture families.
- Our Community by sharing the Lord's blessings investing and caring for our community.
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