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We can manufacture purpose-designed steel-reinforced pipes for special environments

Concrete Pipes

Tatos steel reinforced concrete pipes has a product life of over 20 years

A high-strength cementitious mortar which sets within 1.5 hours

Premixed Concrete

Helping our customers build sustainable and safe infrastructures

Quality precast concrete products

Concrete products

Quality precast concrete products

Leading supplier for Ready mix concrete in Lusaka

Ready mix-concrete

Leading supplier for Ready mix concrete in Lusaka

Tatos Premixed Concrete Lusaka

Tatos Premix Concrete® offer best price concrete in Lusaka. Tatos® is a supplier of quality premix concrete in Lusaka and high performance reinforced precast concrete pipes accross Zambia. We deliver ready mixed concrete on your site at the lowest possible price without compromising quality or quantity.

Tatos Premix Concrete Lusaka, assures you unbeatable Concrete products deals!

Strong Reinforce Concrete Pipes

Tatos® reinforced concrete pipes is manufactured using state of the art machinery, providing a high strength, resilient, dependable product designed to last well over 50 years or more – one of the best pipes lives of any pipe product.

We deliver our quality concrete pipes in Lusaka, Zambia and across SADC region.

Why choose us

Our Advantages

Health, safety and the environment are core organisational values at Tatos Premix. We are committed to eliminating occupational injuries & illnesses as well as reducing our environmental impact in all areas. This is not about saying that we are eco-friendly or green. We are genuinely committed to taking steps that reduce our environmental footprint, so that long after we are gone, we will only leave behind the projects that we completed.

It being delivery or production, our works depends on the innovative technology we use during our products manufacturing process. It is the key to our customer satisfaction with the high quality of our products. You are assured that you will get your order on time.

Tatos Premix is committed to providing value added products by innovatively responding to the requirements and needs of our customers either individuals or corporate in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our employees accept their share of responsibility for identifying needs and expectations and ensuring that the delivered level of customer service meets or exceeds these expectations whilst complying with all legal and contractual obligations.

Since 2006, we have been supplying Lusaka and Zambia at large with high-quality pre-cast reinforced concrete pipes and premixed concrete as well as other concrete and monolithic solutions designed to last for hundreds of years.

Our Production

At Tatos Premix, we produce a wide variety of cement and concrete products and offer lots of supplementary services to our customers.


The quality of our products and solutions is strictly controlled.

Building a strong Zambia. You & us!

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